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VECTOR’s™  products (such as, but not limited to bike kits and frame kits) are designed for recreational and off road use only. Please consult your local authorities to find out the rules and regulations for electric vehicles. You should be at least 16 years old to purchase frame kits, bike kits, and other products sold by VECTOR™ . Always carefully read and meticulously follow instructions given in VECTOR™ (such as but not limited to Owner's Manual) and provided by VECTOR team. Regularly check for Manual updates. If you lack the mechanical skills and/or equipment/tools to assemble VECTOR’S™ products, please turn to a skilled mechanic for help and/or advice. If you are unsure of your or your chosen professional’s capability of proper assembly, we advise not to use VECTOR’S™ products. Please note that riding poorly (incorrect, incomplete or otherwise not properly) assembled bikes, can result in serious injury to yourself and others and/or property damage. VECTOR™ cannot take responsibility for poorly assembled bikes. Please read other legal notes and warranty conditions at our website (provided in the "Information" section in the footer of the website).

VECTOR™ can’t take responsibility for any personal injuries or property damage allegedly resulting from products sold through any of our channels of business. Users should use their best judgments when purchasing a product.

Motorcycle/electric bicycle helmets are an essential element of e-bikes safety and must be properly fitted and adjusted. Always wear an approved safety helmet while riding to protect your head from injury in case of an accident.



Prices in the VECTOR™ store:


If you are ordering products from any EU member state VAT will be charged with your products. VAT stands for Value Added Tax, a tax on consumer spending. It applies to all EU member states customers in the amount of 19% (German VAT) of the good's value. If you are customer outside EU, VAT will not be charged.

  • DO NOT INCLUDE Import costs and/or taxes

If you are ordering from a country outside EU, you will need to pay import costs and/or other costs and fees when importing your products to your country. All import taxes, fees and other costs vary by country and are the sole responsibility of the buyer (importer) and are not included in the shipping cost of the product. For info on import charges, please contact your country's customs office.



VECTOR™  is a registered trade mark, property of Polywarm Deutschland GMBH, Landshuter Allee 8-10, 80637 München, Germany

Always ride safely, taking care of yourself and others!

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