The company was founded in 2012 in Western Ukraine designing and producing of e-bikes. Currently located in Munich, the company consists of three departments: development and design, manufacturing, marketing and sales. We cooperate with a range of foreign companies (Adaptto, Panasonic, DNM, Tektro, QS, VP, Bitex, Sapim, and many more) producers of different parts for the bike (forks, motors, batteries…). 

Thanks to our experience and facilities, we can produce frames by request of the customers. Based on research of e-bikes market as well as progress in this field, the company puts an emphasis on development of new technologies and implementing them into the electric transport. We are interested at growing distribution network as well as at cooperation with producers of electrical components for the bike.


Vector 100% electric bike
vector ebike
The most powerful e-bike for fast and comfortable ride everywhere!

During the last years we have seen many e-bikes on the Internet. Moreover, we rode lots of e-bikes that are currently on the market. But all of them had areas for improvement that we kept in mind when creating Vector.
Our first desire and priority was to increase the power. 

vector ebike
Vector is limited to a top speed of 50mph (80km/h) and due to huge torque is able to climb hills with any incline!

At the same time it is 100% electric and is so efficient that it's energy consumption is equivalent to 5283 MPG / 0.04 l per 100km of gasoline.
If we take into account the price of the battery, the limited number of battery cycles and the cost of electricity to charge it, we get 80 mi/dollar or 150 km/euro travel cost. This is an absolute record among any vehicle! You save money and the environment riding Vector!

We have been working on this project for 2 years, changing and developing the frame and components so they fit any of your needs and desires.

The geometry of the frame was developed in such a way that it can resist high stress during off-road riding. Moreover, for security reasons the frame contains and, thus, protects electronic components (battery, controller, BMS ect.). Vector frame is designed for 1 person, up to 120 kg.

vector ebike

Vector has front and rear damping systems for a smooth ride on any surface!

We want our e-bikes to provide reliable and durable service in any weather condition and riding style, so you can ride in a heavy rain or snow!
Depending on your riding style you can choose one of the three models of Vector: Lightning, Tornado, or Typhoon.
Each model has following features:

vector ebike
Keys to turn on/off Vector and to improve security.

A handlebar mounted Cycle Analyst provides information on your current speed, distance, power, battery level, etc. It also allows you to set the speed limit, battery current limit, and many more Vector driving parameters. The display is backlit and turns on automatically when you turn on your Vector.

The display allows the rider to select 3 speed and power modes (eco, normal, boost) tailored to the location where you ride and the speed laws of that state or country.

Maximum speed and power for these modes can be adjusted to conform to local laws directly from Vector display unit! Ride in the city with PAS mode but don't limit yourself in a country!

Regenerative braking. Regenerative braking provides smooth deceleration, reduces brake pad wear, and charges the battery at the same time. It improves driving range by 10-15%, especially in the city where you need to slow down at traffic lights and crosswalks. Deceleration power can be customized to the user’s preference and is sufficient 9 of 10 times to slow down.

vector ebike

Hydraulic double brakes on front and single brake on rear with 203mm rotors for maximum braking performance under the most extreme weather conditions.

Pedal-assist system and handlebar-mounted twist throttle allow using the motor with or without pedaling. This feature is especially useful when you don’t want to exert yourself riding over a high bump or carrying your bike next to you up the stairs on your way to the office. You can adjust engine power and top speed when pedaling.

Wide tires and rims to minimize wheel slippage and to enable aggressive driving on rough terrain.

Battery management system provides all information about battery capacity, cell voltage, temperature, and charge cycles on a display.
Battery charger is powerful enough to charge the Vector battery from 0 to 100% in only 1 hours.

Battery technologies are continually evolving. By the time your Vector uses its battery charge cycles, we will offer a new battery model with bigger capacity, allowing you to swap it for your old one!

A top mounted charging connector with a cap to protect it from dirt and water.

USB connectors to allow on-demand charging of mobile phones, GPS, cameras, or other gadgets so you'll always stay in touch.

Bright and powerful front and rear lights that use the bike's battery so you won't need to charge additional lighting devices.

Frame mounted kick-stand

Optional mud guards for riding on a wet surfaces.
Capability for a seat-post mounted bike rack.

Each Vector model, Lightning, Tornado, and Typhoon can be customized to meet customer preferences including components, batteries, and color. Please contact us to discuss your preferences.

Vector electric bicycle has bright front and rear lights that use bike's battery energy so you won't need to charge any additional lightening devices. 

vector ebike
We are developing smartphone app for Vector electric bike that will allow you to check all the necessary information about  your ride as well as about bike condition any time you want it (speed, distance, callories, route, battery level, GPS and many more!).

vector ebike

The frame is being made by hand and is being checked after each production phase!
Ready frames before assembling:

vector ebike
Painted Vector ebike frames are tested and properly examined for any defects:

vector ebike

For rider over 95kg bike can be equipped with tough rear shocks spring with 850lbs.

For more pictures and info about the components please go to Upgrade section.

Where are we now:
We have built and tested over 100 test Vector ebikes for the past 6 month. We are ready to start mass production of Vector. Now we are working on certification and phone application.
Our workshop and manufacturing facilities are located in Western Ukraine. We are cooperating and ordering parts from all over the world: USA, China, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Canada, Poland, Netherlands, Russia.

vector ebikeWe have all necessary equipment and tools for bike manufacturing. But the most important thing is that our high qualified team of workers has many years of practice in this field.

Project leaders:
Arthur - Vector project manager. Responsible for social media.
Pavlo - responsible for frame development.
Volodymyer - responsible for frame manufacturing.
Alex - responsible for frame electrical components development frame.
Julya - responsible for logistics.
Igor - responsible for financial management.

We believe that Vector can change the image of the perfect transport of the future! It is fast, powerful, easy to handle and more over it can help keep our planet green!
Support us, pledge and tell your friends about us!

 Thank you!


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